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Thanks to NaNoWriMo, I achieved my writing goal for the month of November. That kept me away from here for a while, and I didn’t pick it back up right away with witty blurbs about the hellish holiday season I endured or other musings. Sorry about that, folks, but I’m back and wilder than ever.

I’m really liking the bones of the novel I banged out for NaNoWriMo. What was most interesting to me about the exercise is that I found myself relying much more heavily on dialogue than narrative in cranking out the pages during the marathon speed writing event. I enjoyed that, but as a result I’ve got something more like a screenplay than a novel. So, I think my revisions will be more about filling in the blanks than cutting the purple out of my prose. We shall see. I have yet to send the NaNoWriMo manuscript into the cold abattoir of my editing self, but it is making noise in the corral.

Instead, I have been polishing up a synopsis for my finished manuscript FREE AMERICA and working on sending out some query letters to agents. At the same time, I am considering self-publication for FREE AMERICA. Things are so different in the self-publishing world since I began my fiction writing journey in earnest a decade ago. It seems to make a certain amount of business sense for me to pursue self-publication until I’ve got a bigger body of work to go around hawking. By that time, I might be making enough money that I would rather hire an intellectual property attorney than an agent. Who knows.

So, all you indie authors out there, do you have recommendations for good freelance editors, book cover designers and other resources? Please let me know. I’m going to be digging in to that stuff over the next few weeks.

Synopsis Hell

And I thought writing a query letter was tough.

If the query letter is a literary flirtation, then the synopsis is a drunken make-out session in the back booth of a poorly-lit and disreputable bar.

Make the manuscript sound interesting in less than 200 words? OK, sure. No problem.

Make the reader understand the entire 80,000+ word manuscript in 2000 words? Ugh. Less than 1000 words? F*ck. You’ve got to be $#!TTING me.

So, I’m fighting to suppress the memory of when I had to write a term paper and they forced me to write research tidbits down on note cards before I wrote them down in the paper itself. This was intended to teach me something that I would use later in my life. I think that something was that sometimes people will tell me to do things that are pointless and stupid.

Actually, I take that back. I think they tried to force me to write down research tidbits on notecards and instead I decided that was complete BS so I just wrote the stuff down on paper or made copies of the stuff to use in my term paper. I’m sure I lost points or had to stay after school and eventually got a bad grade because of it. I’m also sure that I didn’t give a rat’s cleft @$$hole. That sounds much more like me in grade school.

Back on topic: I’ve been writing down little nuggets of plot and character turning points and so forth on little index cards. I had never seen any use for those little blue-pinstriped pieces of stiff paper before. Apparently I was wrong about them being completely useless. Now I can sort all of that stuff out in little piles and move them around and what not.

Maybe I will shuffle them like a deck of cards and deal them out at random to see what happens. Maybe it will be better than the actual manuscript. Maybe I will re-write it that way.

Who knows? I am a writer gone wild.

And the word synopsis just sounds evil.

Look out behind you! You’re about to be eaten by a synopsis!

I think I might be.