Release Date for FREE AMERICA: June 15

Available June 15, 2016 on Kindle and (for a limited time) Kindle Unlimited: FREE AMERICA: PART ONE (Make my day! CLICK HERE to preorder now!)


After spending way too much time assessing the current state of the publishing industry, the tools available to indy publishers today, and my own personal skill set, I decided that I might be short-changing myself if I didn’t give independent publishing a go. That means I’ve been behind the scenes hustling, shipping off my MS to more beta readers and editors, putting together my social media presence, figuring out how to set up my author website, and all that BS. Wow, that sure is a metric $#1t tonne of work. It ain’t for everybody, that’s for sure. But me? Methinks I’ve got the stomach for it.

We shall see.

I also decided to serialize FREE AMERICA, which is going to work out very well for everyone (I think) for several reasons, including:

  • I originally wrote the MS in three parts
  • Readers can try out my story for less money and avoid buying more if my story isn’t their cup of tea
  • It forced me to focus on delivering a story worth reading in each individual part

Each part is novella length, so I’m hoping the smaller time commitment will lure more readers. FREE AMERICA #2 will release in the fall, FREE AMERICA #3 will release in the winter, and a single volume will go to print in summer 2017.

If I weren’t so busy, I would be very excited!

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