Calling names

Once upon a time, I was a lawyer. This wasn’t that long ago, as I haven’t wrapped up my last case. Still, I prefer to think of it in the past, my in-good-standing licensure be damned.

In my lawyering, I sometimes was forced to go places that didn’t suck. One of these occasions was about a week ago when I was forced to go to Miami while it was cold as balls back at home.

While I was there I did a little word sketching, playing around with the mind of a character in my second novel manuscript. It is a newborn thing just beginning its life, not yet fully aware of what it is. But the CHARACTERS. Man, the characters. They can’t wait to bust out. They are out of control.

Only problem is, they don’t have names yet. Or maybe that isn’t a problem. I am certain they will name themselves after they hang out with me for a while. They already call each other names, but nothing that might appear on a birth certificate.

So, any writers (or non-writers) out there that have any comments about naming characters are welcome here. You are among friends–me and my multiple personalities. We think it is cool that you actually read this and took the time to comment. Truly.

Don’t everybody post all at once now. Don’t want to crash those servers.

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